Developing Country Network


The Developing Country Network is a loosely knit, community-driven, volunteer-based group of concerned individuals in the Upper Valley area of Vermont/New Hampshire who want to deepen their impact in helping the underserved in the developing world.

For inquiries, requests, or to update your information please contact the DevelopingCountryNetwork @

Finding Others in the Field

The purpose of the network is to connect you!

Access the 95+ individuals in the growing database [login or enter a password under the "Network" tab too] If that seems too cumbersome email the administrator (email is at top of the home page).

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+Acumen Expands [June 2014]

The Acumen Fund continues to refine online courses that help people in creating innovative, effective and sustainable solutions for social change.  For further information click here.

In March and April 2013, ten members of the Developing Country Network took a 6-week course called "Acumen Leadership Essentials."  We broke into 2 groups based on our geographic spread.  At the end of the course we met one evening to share what we learned.  Each of us found it valuable.  If you would like to know more details from any of us feel free to email the develop This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

From left to right:  Judith Hills, Lynn Murrell, Jabeen Ahmad, (top) Heidi Luquer, (bottom) Richard Slosberg, Carolyn Meub, (top) Mimi Litchenstein, Margaret Cadill-Slosberg.  Missing: Jessica Friedman & Paul Gerke.

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